My Life went to the Dogs After My Divorce


And it was a good thing!

I had always heard about how getting a dog was good for companionship and love. Hmmm? Really?  I didn’t believe it. I had always loved dogs. I had dogs in the past. My friends had dogs.  Dogs were a lot of work, I thought.  I had a list of reasons why Not to get a dog.  Then after several trips to the pound and several visits to adoption fundraisers I took the plunge.

I had spent many months alone and wondering where I would go from here.  I tried dating sites and going to bookstores, and coffee houses and still nothing had changed.  I wasn’t meeting anyone.  And the men that I was meeting were making me feel even more lonely.

PetSmartI found myself with my daughter in church one day.  I had always told her to pray for grace.  I wanted her to feel that peace.

We decided to visit the animal shelter to look at dogs as we had done many times in the past.  We noticed a cute dog that we took home.  When decided on the name, we thought that she should be named Grace. How we prayed for grace in our lives and we go Grace in our lives.


Take time to journal, meditate and envision what type of women that you would like to become.  Write down specific things you want to change or improve such as weight, hair color, clothes, job, car, home relationships, etc…  You have just taken the first step.



We are now getting involved with TEDx.  Check our bio on TEDx and learn and follow my passion.  Here is an excerpt:

An Idea worth spreading

Divorce can be looked at as a positive path to a new beginning.  Divorce can be celebrated.  You can move on and be happy with the next chapter in your life.  Using feng shui and decluttering your home can change you, your relationships and all areas of your life.  There is positive after a very hard time as divorce and there are positive ways to get past it.  One way is to have a divorce party and celebrate the new you.  Make changes in your environment to make the changes in your life.

I’m passionate about

I am passionate about self-improvement and helping others in there is life after divorce.  Teaching and mentoring others by my experience. Teaching others that divorce doesn’t have to be the end.  It can actually be the beginning.  It’s up to you to take action.  Have a divorce party and celebrate moving on. My passion is my ebook Divorce Party On!

To Online Date or Not to Online Date? That is the question?

In my option?  I think it is a great avenue to get yourself out there. There are a few little must do in order to be successful.

  1.  Pay for an online dating service. Do not do the free ones.  You get what you pay for. Do you really want to attract and get a guy that can’t even shell out a few bucks to meet you?
  2. Post several pictures of yourself. Smile! Guys like the smile and will respond more times then if you don’t.  Don’t just post selfies.  Make sure that you post full-length pictures of yourself.  (It doesn’t matter if you have  a few pounds or more on you) When you meet, they are going to see you anyway.  It is worse to show up and them not be into you because you not a size 2.  If that’s what the guy wants?  Move on, he’s not for you.  Also, DON’T post pictures of your kids.  You love your kids. We get it.  But this is not the place to show off those adorable kiddos.  First, there are a lot of pervs out there that are looking for women with kids. Keep your kids safe. Secondly, most guys will be turned off with the kid pictures.  They want to see you, not them.
  3. Be honest in your profile.  Don’t say you like skydiving if you’re afraid of heights.  If you love to garden, then put that in your profile. There are a lot of guys out there who love when a girl gets down and dirty in the garden.  You can even use that in your post.  Love to get down and dirty in my garden.
  4. Be playful and fun. Don’t make it look like a resume.  Keep it short and sweet.  Guys don’t have a long attention span.  They will read a few sentences and then turn off.  If it is too much reading they won’t even bother.
  5. Buss words that you can throw into your profile that guys like are: No drama, fun, happy, love life, like to learn new things. State somewhere in there what you are looking for in a guy.  Don’t be too demanding and expecting too much. When you first start on a dating site, It will show that you are new to the dating site.  Most of these guys are lifers.  They use the site as a meat market like back in the day when guys went to bars to hook up.  That still happens.  But there are guys on online dating sites that don’t have to leave there house to get laid.  So, watch out.  You will have more emails, winks and likes that you can handle.  Be picky and choose the ones that you think fit your tastes.  Beware of the profiles that look too good!  You will find the ones with the perfect headshots of guys.  They seem to always be widows, making 100,000+.  Their profiles go on for paragraphs. They will send you an email that says that you are perfect, beautiful and that they are not on the site

Would You Date Yourself?

Are you struggling in a dead end relationship or are you in a relationship at all?

If the answer to any of these questions is
no, then you need to take out a piece of paper and write down the following list:

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Answer the following questions: What do you want in a relationship? What are the qualities of the person you want to be with? List all the things that you would like them to have. Do you want them to have money, a good job, good looking, nice house, nice care, clean, etc?

Now make a list of all the must haves and the deal breakers. List the things that are non-negotiable. What things will you not tolerate from a partner? Some examples are: Do they do drugs? Do they drink too much? Are they overweight? Do they not take care of themselves, etc.

Okay, now that you have all the things that you WANT in a relationship and all the deal breakers that you don’t from a partner. Now you need to make another list.

This list is called would I date myself?
Really think hard about all of your qualities and list those. Then you need to make a list of all the things that are not so great about yourself.

Go back to the list that you made of what you want in a relationship. Now go through every single item and ask yourself if you have those traits or qualities. Ex: You might want this person to have a good job yet your barely make month to month. Or maybe you don’t have a job and still live with your parents. You want your partner who drives a BMW, yet you drive a 1998 Buick. Okay, are you getting the picture? Be brutely honest with yourself. This isn’t meant to beat yourself up, but it is going to give you an eye opener as to what you are bringing to the table.

A big part of the list should also include where you are emotional. Are you at a positive place in your life? Do you feel good and confident about yourself? How are your relationships with family and friends? How are you doing at work? These are all very important because a lot of times we are looking for someone else to makes us feel better or to make things better for us.

It is not the responsibility of the other person to do that for you. You are responsible for what you are bringing to the table.

Think back to the time that you met your new boyfriend, or boyfriend that you had in the past. What emotional state were you in? What was your life like back then?

If your not in a relationship and you want to meet someone are you in a good place to offer your partner? Or are you struggling with loneliness and you want he or she to make your life better. Are you struggling with money and do you feel like you are looking for someone to come rescue you and help you pay bills?

Now back to the question that I asked earlier: Would you date yourself? If the answer is yes, then great! Go out there and show the world your awesome! That means you have everything together and don’t need to improve on anything. Although, I believe we are all growing and we all can improve in on some area of our lives.

Now, if you wouldn’t date yourself, then let’s get to work. Make a list of things or ways that you would like to change about yourself or your life. Make a list of how you’re going to go about making those changes. Set an end date as to when you want the goals to be reached.

Good luck on your journey. Don’t give up because when you can answer the question: Would you date yourself? You, my dear, have arrived and are ready to be in a quality relationship with a quality partner!


Teach you daughters to not take crumbs from a guy…

We, as moms have to teach our daughters to expect more.  We need to be a role model to show them that they need to expect the whole loaf and not crumbs.  After the divorce, we might feel beat up and our self-esteem might get a little down. Let’s face it, towards the end of the marriage we start taking and putting up with a lot more than what we ever thought we would.


Our daughters are always watching us and seeing what we expect and take from a man.  We think that we are just living our lives and our daughters aren’t watching.  But, dear ladies, our daughters are seeing all everything.  They are seeing and taking mental notes of what their mom will take from a man.  They see the crumbs that we start taking and then when they get into relationships, guess what?  They start taking the same scraps that they saw mom take.

So more than ever you should not take crumbs from a man.  The first reason is that of you a worth more.  The second is that your daughter is worth more.  And yes they are learning from your actions and behaviors.

So stop, look and don’t take the scraps.  You deserve more and they deserve more.  Every time you see yourself settling.  Every time you find yourself sleeping with a man that doesn’t commit to you.  Every time you find yourself driving to His house and him not picking you up.  The next time you find yourself feeling bad because he won’t commit and you want more.  Look in a mirror and see what your precious daughter is seeing.  Look and see what your daughter will mirror.  She will mirror that same behavior

So Stop taking the crumbs. Stop taking the scraps. Expect the whole loaf of bread or leave and be done and don’t look back.

If you do this, so will she!


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Plan your Divorce Party in Vegas or London

Plan your visit to Vegas and check out one of the shows!

Have a fun destination DIVORCE PARTY IN LONDON…

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Divorce parties are pretty new in the way of parties.  This is a personal decision. Should you have a divorce party? Is a list of reasons to have a divorce party:

1.  You are at a good place and ready to move on. You want to celebrate your new found lifestyle and wonderful amazing beginning.

2.  You are ready to party with your friends.  There has been enough stress and sadness.  Now its time to celebrate.

3.  This is a great way to get closer.  The past is over and this is a great, happy way to move on.

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4.  Parties are fun and now its time to create new memories for your life.  Get out those cameras and take all the selfies of the guest of honor, YOU!

5.  It’s a wonderful way to get all your friends and family together.  I’m sure they were with you during the bad times.  It’s a perfect way to have some girl time!

6  This is the biggest and best reason.  Because you can and because you are worth it!//cetshows.7eer.net/c/461526/124118/2575//cetshows.7eer.net/c/461526/124118/2575

To divorce party or not to divorce party?, Uncategorized

Should you have a Divorce Party?

1.  You are at a good place and ready to move on. You want to celebrate your new found lifestyle and wonderful amazing beginning.

2.  You are ready to party with your friends.  There has been enough stress and sadness.  Now its time to celebrate.

3.  This is a great way to get closer.  The past is over and this is a great, happy way to move on.

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4.  Parties are fun and now its time to create new memories for your life.  Get out those cameras and take all the selfies of the guest of honor, YOU!

5.  It’s a wonderful way to get all your friends and family together.  I’m sure they were with you during the bad times.  It’s a perfect way to have some girl time!

6  This is the biggest and best reason.  Because you can and because you are worth it!



5 Steps for the Feng Shui Beginner

Changing Your Life Through Feng Shui

Step 1  Write down the five most important areas in your life that you want to improve and change.

Step 2  Use the feng shui bag map to figure out what part of your house represents each part of your life.

Step 3  Go to that room that you would like to change your life and organize, declutter and arrange to the best feng shui for that area

EX:  If you want to improve your relationships, focus on the relationship room.

Step 4  Do something every day to improve each area that you want to improve.

Step 5  Go through your day and reflect on how your house is representing your entire life.  If you change your home, you will change your life!


Divorce Parties VIP

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Hello ladies!  So you’re on your journey after divorce.  Congrats! You got past the hard part, the marriage, and the divorce.  Now, this is your new beginning.  If you’re ready, let’s plan that divorce party with your best friend.  If you’re not there yet, then let’s continue on this journey for a happier, better, single you!

Tommy Hilfiger

Is There happiness after divorce?

YES! YES! and YES!

Divorce is one of the hardest things to go through.  It is the end of what you thought you’re ever after was.  Here is an analogy of a marriage that came to an end:

You find a high end (in your mind) store.  They give you the highest credit card that they have with the most credit.  They greet you at the door.  They even drive, pick you up, take you to the store and back.  As time goes on they lower your credit limit.  They give you a lesser credit card.  But you keep going back to this store and giving all that you got.  They then stop greeting you at the door.  In fact,  they say that now you need to use the back door because the front door is for new customers.  You still continue to go back to that store and hope that the customer service was just like it was at the beginning.  It never goes back.  In fact, it gets worse and worse as time goes on.  You try and try to make it better and it never gets better.  This is like your marriage.  You’re never going to get back to that high-end status.  The credit limit is not going to be the best.  So you close your account and you move on.

Here are my advice ladies.  You take as long as it takes to go find another store. I suggest to shop around for a very long time.  Get all the perks as a new customer.  Get the promotions (dinners and dates).  Have fun and learn about who you are.  Don’t settle for having to go through the back door.  Always be the VIP of your life and in your relationship.

So back to the question of can you be happy after divorce?  Yes you can, once your done with being second or even last in the marriage.  Put yourself first. Never ever settle for second best.  You are the VIP of your life.  So start checking out those new stores ladies.  They are out there and believe me.  They offer a hella lot more than you had at that last one!