5 Reasons to Stop wasting time on a man

5 reasons to stop wasting your time on a man who won’t commit

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  1.  The universe thinks you’re okay with this relationship and nothing or nobody better will come along.
  2. If your spending all of your time with a man who won’t commit, your boyfriend or husband cant find you!
  3. This type of behavior will just bring down your self-esteem.  You will continue to feel bad about yourself.  You will think it okay at the moment. Although, when you are home alone, you will beat yourself up in wondering why your not good enough for him to want you as his girlfriend or wife.
  4. He gets all the benefits of you playing girlfriend or wife without the cost of putting anything into it.
  5. You are worth so much more than a man just giving you crumbs. When a man is fortunate enough to receive your love, time, body, companionship with no label of wife or girlfriend, it is time to run.  It is time to run into the arms of a man who will value you, love, and call you his own.

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