The Four E’s for a successful Party

1.   Expectation:  How are you going to start the party theme or look of the party.  This would include everything from invitations, emails, text or phone calls to the people you are inviting to the party.  

2.   Entrance:  How will it look when your guest arrive?  What will be the first thing the attendees see? Some things that one might choose from are balloons, streamers, music, lighting, cocktails to candles.

Vitamin Packs Vitamins Created For You3.  Everyone is appreciated:  How will you thank your guests for sharing this day with you?  You can use many items such as party favors, candy, bubbles, thank you cards, etc.

4.  Eating:  What type of food and drinks will be served?  You can choose from a variety of foods such as Mexican, barbeque or absolutely any other type of foods.  The secret is to include all of the tastes sensations such as sweet, bitter and salty to create the effect of satisfaction.  

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