To Online Date or Not to Online date?

To Online Date or Not to Online Date? That is the question?

In my option?  I think it is a great avenue to get yourself out there. There are a few little must do in order to be successful.

  1.  Pay for an online dating service. Do not do the free ones.  You get what you pay for. Do you really want to attract and get a guy that can’t even shell out a few bucks to meet you?
  2. Post several pictures of yourself. Smile! Guys like the smile and will respond more times then if you don’t.  Don’t just post selfies.  Make sure that you post full-length pictures of yourself.  (It doesn’t matter if you have  a few pounds or more on you) When you meet, they are going to see you anyway.  It is worse to show up and them not be into you because you not a size 2.  If that’s what the guy wants?  Move on, he’s not for you.  Also, DON’T post pictures of your kids.  You love your kids. We get it.  But this is not the place to show off those adorable kiddos.  First, there are a lot of pervs out there that are looking for women with kids. Keep your kids safe. Secondly, most guys will be turned off with the kid pictures.  They want to see you, not them.
  3. Be honest in your profile.  Don’t say you like skydiving if you’re afraid of heights.  If you love to garden, then put that in your profile. There are a lot of guys out there who love when a girl gets down and dirty in the garden.  You can even use that in your post.  Love to get down and dirty in my garden.
  4. Be playful and fun. Don’t make it look like a resume.  Keep it short and sweet.  Guys don’t have a long attention span.  They will read a few sentences and then turn off.  If it is too much reading they won’t even bother.
  5. Buss words that you can throw into your profile that guys like are: No drama, fun, happy, love life, like to learn new things. State somewhere in there what you are looking for in a guy.  Don’t be too demanding and expecting too much. When you first start on a dating site, It will show that you are new to the dating site.  Most of these guys are lifers.  They use the site as a meat market like back in the day when guys went to bars to hook up.  That still happens.  But there are guys on online dating sites that don’t have to leave there house to get laid.  So, watch out.  You will have more emails, winks and likes that you can handle.  Be picky and choose the ones that you think fit your tastes.  Beware of the profiles that look too good!  You will find the ones with the perfect headshots of guys.  They seem to always be widows, making 100,000+.  Their profiles go on for paragraphs. They will send you an email that says that you are perfect, beautiful and that they are not on the site for long and here is their email.  They will ask you to contact them via email or phone number. If you check back on their profile in a few hours or day, they will be gone or have a hidden profile.  Those are scams So please be careful ladies.

Have fun with the online dating and you never know.  You might meet your second Mr. Right.  The first one, the ex-husband was just a trial run. If anything, you can meet a lot of fun guys, make friends and go out to some really cool restaurants and coffee houses.  Be safe ladies.  Meet in a public place.  Do not let them pick you up at home until you know for sure they are safe. Check them out on Facebook before you meet them, Facebook is the window into peoples life. Good Luck!

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