Teach you daughters to not take crumbs from a guy…

We, as moms have to teach our daughters to expect more.  We need to be a role model to show them that they need to expect the whole loaf and not crumbs.  After the divorce, we might feel beat up and our self-esteem might get a little down. Let’s face it, towards the end of the marriage we start taking and putting up with a lot more than what we ever thought we would.


Our daughters are always watching us and seeing what we expect and take from a man.  We think that we are just living our lives and our daughters aren’t watching.  But, dear ladies, our daughters are seeing all everything.  They are seeing and taking mental notes of what their mom will take from a man.  They see the crumbs that we start taking and then when they get into relationships, guess what?  They start taking the same scraps that they saw mom take.

So more than ever you should not take crumbs from a man.  The first reason is that of you a worth more.  The second is that your daughter is worth more.  And yes they are learning from your actions and behaviors.

So stop, look and don’t take the scraps.  You deserve more and they deserve more.  Every time you see yourself settling.  Every time you find yourself sleeping with a man that doesn’t commit to you.  Every time you find yourself driving to His house and him not picking you up.  The next time you find yourself feeling bad because he won’t commit and you want more.  Look in a mirror and see what your precious daughter is seeing.  Look and see what your daughter will mirror.  She will mirror that same behavior

So Stop taking the crumbs. Stop taking the scraps. Expect the whole loaf of bread or leave and be done and don’t look back.

If you do this, so will she!


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