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Plan your Divorce Party in Vegas or London

Plan your visit to Vegas and check out one of the shows!

Have a fun destination DIVORCE PARTY IN LONDON…

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Divorce parties are pretty new in the way of parties.  This is a personal decision. Should you have a divorce party? Is a list of reasons to have a divorce party:

1.  You are at a good place and ready to move on. You want to celebrate your new found lifestyle and wonderful amazing beginning.

2.  You are ready to party with your friends.  There has been enough stress and sadness.  Now its time to celebrate.

3.  This is a great way to get closer.  The past is over and this is a great, happy way to move on.

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4.  Parties are fun and now its time to create new memories for your life.  Get out those cameras and take all the selfies of the guest of honor, YOU!

5.  It’s a wonderful way to get all your friends and family together.  I’m sure they were with you during the bad times.  It’s a perfect way to have some girl time!

6  This is the biggest and best reason.  Because you can and because you are worth it!//

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