Divorce Parties VIP

Treat yourself and the girls to a destination divorce party in Vegas!  We will help you discover your awesome self in celebrating your divorce.  Here at Divorce Event Planner, we are all about the positive transition into your future.  We help with parties and self-improvement for the best of you in all areas.

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Hello ladies!  So you’re on your journey after divorce.  Congrats! You got past the hard part, the marriage, and the divorce.  Now, this is your new beginning.  If you’re ready, let’s plan that divorce party with your best friend.  If you’re not there yet, then let’s continue on this journey for a happier, better, single you!

Tommy Hilfiger

Is There happiness after divorce?

YES! YES! and YES!

Divorce is one of the hardest things to go through.  It is the end of what you thought you’re ever after was.  Here is an analogy of a marriage that came to an end:

You find a high end (in your mind) store.  They give you the highest credit card that they have with the most credit.  They greet you at the door.  They even drive, pick you up, take you to the store and back.  As time goes on they lower your credit limit.  They give you a lesser credit card.  But you keep going back to this store and giving all that you got.  They then stop greeting you at the door.  In fact,  they say that now you need to use the back door because the front door is for new customers.  You still continue to go back to that store and hope that the customer service was just like it was at the beginning.  It never goes back.  In fact, it gets worse and worse as time goes on.  You try and try to make it better and it never gets better.  This is like your marriage.  You’re never going to get back to that high-end status.  The credit limit is not going to be the best.  So you close your account and you move on.

Here are my advice ladies.  You take as long as it takes to go find another store. I suggest to shop around for a very long time.  Get all the perks as a new customer.  Get the promotions (dinners and dates).  Have fun and learn about who you are.  Don’t settle for having to go through the back door.  Always be the VIP of your life and in your relationship.

So back to the question of can you be happy after divorce?  Yes you can, once your done with being second or even last in the marriage.  Put yourself first. Never ever settle for second best.  You are the VIP of your life.  So start checking out those new stores ladies.  They are out there and believe me.  They offer a hella lot more than you had at that last one!

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