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Your Journey Begins Here

I am Liz Ringgold.  I am a certified event planner.  I am starting this blog to show everyone how easy and fun it is to plan a VIP party.

I look at divorce as a positive way to celebrate your new chapter.  This is a way to create your new you by having a divorce party with all your girls. Check out my ebook Divorce Party On!

I have fun ideas on divorce parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties that you can have in the Albuquerque area or in your part of the world.


The divorce is final and now you are on your path.  Be ready to get in touch with YOU!  Learn what your interests are now as a single person.  They might be the same as before you got married or they might have changed.  It’s an exciting beginning to fall in love again.  Fall in love with YOU!.  Court, date and pamper yourself!  Discover what gives you bliss and what makes you happy.

Elaine Turner

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